Sunday 31 August 2014

21 Must Have Android Apps

Must have android apps
No doubt, Google play store is loaded with thousands of astounding must have android apps. The apps are categorized into different sections, but still sometimes it’s an intricate task to mine Google play in order to download best apps from each section. So today we are sharing an article on 21 Must Have Android Apps, This article contains some useful android apps from all sections with their Google play store download link. If you have bought an android phone recently, or looking for some must have apps for  your android phone then this article will definitely help you to pick out some useful android apps from play store.

Must Have Apps for Android: 

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1) Whatsapp: Whatsapp is a smartphone based instant messaging application. Whatsapp offers many startling features to connect with your friends in real time. Apart from traditional chat communication, with this breathtaking messaging app, you can also share multimedia files, emotions, photos and status with your friends.

Download Link: Whatsapp Messenger

2) Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is an official android application of Facebook. It offers real time Facebook message delivery in an all new way. One of the major benefits of this application is that, you don’t need to access Facebook website, in order to send or receive chat messages. This application will remain active in background all the time and keeps your android phone synchronized with your Facebook chat messages.

Download Link: Facebook Messenger

3) Battery Doctor: One of the main problem with smart phones is their battery backup. Most of us are struggling with android phone battery backup issue. Battery Doctor is a free android application which helps you to reduce the overall power consumption of your android device. It kills unnecessarily tasks and provides a 3 stage charging system, which makes your battery long-lasting.

Download Link: Battery Doctor

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4) YouTube: Everybody knows that YouTube is biggest video sharing website on internet. Therefore, adding YouTube android application in our 21 must have android apps is obligatory. YouTube android app offers an all new way to watch videos on your android phone. This app offers exact YouTube mobile site with some additional features and fast video buffering. If you are a video freak like me, then don’t miss this awesome android app.

Download Link: Youtube

5) Instagram: Instagram is another must have android app for people who love photography. With Instagram, You can give professional touch to your photos and can share with like minded people. Apart from this you can also access millions of photos uploaded by other people.

Download Link: Instagram

6) Antivirus Security: Android is a Linux based operating system, that’s why it’s not much vulnerable to viruses, but still its vulnerable to spywares and worms. AVG recently released its free antivirus named “Antivirus Security” for android based smartphones, which helps you to protect and fight against various kinds of spywares, malwares and worms, apart from this, Antivirus Security also offers you to trace your android phone, in-case you lost it in future.

Download Link: Antivirus Security

7) Skype: Skype is one of the best VOIP android apps for internet calling. With Skype, You can make voice and video calls to your friends who are also using Skype. Besides this, you can also share text chat messages, status with your Skype friends. All you just need, is to login Skype application with your Skype account.

Download Link:Skype

8) CamScanner: CamScanner is another must have android app. It offers an all new way to scan documents and images with your android phone. CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and create a PDF file to share the scanned document easily. It offers an integrated way to share scanned copies via Email, Google cloud print, Dropbox, Google docs and

Download Link: CamScanner

9) Truecaller: Are you getting prank calls from unknown numbers? Do you want to trace the person behind a phone number? Then you must download Truecaller. Truecaller is world’s largest verified mobile phone community. You can enter any phone number in Truecaller android app to find out the details like name and area of the owner of phone number. Apart from this, you can also block unwanted spam calls with Truecaller.

Download Link: Truecaller

10) BSPlayer: BSPlayer is an android based video player that lets you play most popular video formats even those that are not supported by your android phone. With BSPlayer you can play local as well network videos. The app comes with an impressive user interface that supports many subtitles format.

Download Link: BSPlayer

11) ES File Explorer: ES File Explorer is another must have android application. ES File manager helps you to manage your files like you do on your desktop computer. It offers various features like multiple select, cut, copy, paste, search etc. Apart from this you can also remotely manage your phone files from your computer. ES File manager also offers built in Zip and RAR support to easily compress and decompress files on your android device.

Download Link: ES File Explorer

12) WPS Office: WPS Office is a complete package that helps you to easily create, view, modify and share frequently used text document formats such as .PPT, .DOC, .XLS and .PDF. With WPS Office you can share your files through mail, Evernote and more. It comes with 44 different language support as well as you can also use familiar MS Word keyboard shortcuts.

Download Link: WPS Office

13) Call Recorder: If your android phone doesn't have an inbuilt call recorder, then here is a small helpful app to record your incoming as well as outgoing calls. This call recorder app record all calls and manage them in a nice user friendly GUI.

Download Link: Call Recorder

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14) Safe Gallery: Safe Gallery is another must have app for your android phone. It allows you to protect your privacy as hiding each of the media files with password. If you like privacy, this is a must have android app for you.

Download Link: Safe Gallery

15) CCleaner: CCleaner is an android compatible memory cleaning software that keeps your android phone clean, safe and fast. It removes junk files, reclaim space and monitor performance of your android device.

Download Link: CCleaner

16) Link2SD: Link2SD is an android based application manager that makes it easy to move application from internal memory to SD card. It also offers Cache cleaner feature by which you can easily clear cache memory to free up space in just a single click.

Download Link: Link2SD

17) Agent: Agent is a personal phone assistant android app. It offers 5 different modes such as battery, sleep, parking, meeting and drive. You can consider these 5 modes as 5 different assistants that take care of you while sleeping, driving, meeting and so on. Once configured, the drive assistant will read all incoming messages aloud while you drive and will response by your voice actions. The parking agent remembers where you parked as well as will remember your last five parking spots. The sleeping assistant will silent your phone when you go to sleep.

Download Link: Agent

18) StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is an official app by StumbleUpon Inc. With this app you can discover favorite content from around the web. Apart from this you can also follow your friends on StumbleUpon to share your cool content discoveries.

Download Link: StumbleUpon

19) Smart Launcher 2:  Smart Launcher is a stunning launcher android app with minimalist design and nice user friendly interface. Smart Launcher app comes with various handy features to access desired things fast. One of the best things about Smart launcher is that, it is compatible with all android phones.

Download Link: Smart Launcher 2

20) SwiftKey Keyboard: SwiftKey Keyboard is another handy android application, that gives you smart and fast typing experience on your android phone. SwiftKey delivers best next word prediction, smarter auto-correct and an extensive support of chat emotions.

Download Link: SwiftKey Keyboard

21) Google Drive: Google Drive is a well known cloud storage android application by Google Inc. You can back up your files to Google drive as well as share files with your friends. With Google drive you can also open documents such as PDFs, Photos, and Videos etc on your web browser without downloading.

Download Link: Google Drive

Here comes the end of article on 21 Must Have Android Apps, If you have any other must have android apps in mind, kindly drop them in comment box below.


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