Saturday 8 February 2014

How To Reset An Android Phone

How to reset An android phone
Android phones are one of the biggest competitors for apple IOS. One of the biggest reasons behind android success is that we can get thousands of free applications from google play. But sometimes excessive installation of these applications slows down the phone. In this situation resetting your android phone is a good choice, But as we all know, that formatting an android phone is a complicated process and if not followed properly can damage your phone. So today we are posting 3 different ways to reset your android phone.

How to Reset an Android Phone

Before using this guide, Please note that resetting android phone will erase all your phone data. Before proceeding, Please take complete backup of your android phone and unplug memory card and SIM card from your android phone. It’s also recommended that charge the mobile phone battery up to 50%.

1) Reset Android Phone by Factory Reset Settings:
This is the easiest way to reset an android phone, To reset your android phone using Factory reset settings, Just navigate to settings then backup and reset settings and click on factory reset. One thing to notice that factory reset will erase all your data, so before resetting the phone, it’s recommended to take backup of important things.
                                              Reset android phone by factory reset settings
In some android phones, Factory reset feature comes in privacy settings. So if you didn’t find factory reset option in backup and reset settings then check in Privacy settings of your phone.

2) Reset Android Phone using USSD code:
 Most of the android phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC etc provide an inbuilt USSD reset code which is *#7780#. So whenever you will dial this code, the android phone will ask you for formatting.  It’s better to take a complete backup of your android phone before dialing this USSD code, because in some android devices, the code didn’t ask user for confirmation and directly starts formatting.

3) Reset Android Phone using System Restore:
If you are looking to hard reset your android phone then you should try formatting it with system restore option. As we all know that above two methods will not work when mobile phone is locked, But System restore formatting method will even work when your android phone is locked and you want to format it. This is the main reason why we say that system restore method is a hard format method.

To hard reset android phone using system restore option, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your android phone.
  • If you are a Samsung user then press:  Volume up key + Home Key + Power key, Soon after vibration release the power key, and once the phone starts in recovery mode release volume up key and home key as well.
  • If you are a HTC then press: Volume down key + Power key, once phone light turns on, release the power key, But continue holding volume down key until you reach to system recovery mode.
  • If you are using Micromax then Press: Volume up + Power key
2. Once you entered to system restore menu now use Volume keys to navigate and power key to select any option.

3. Now select system restore to reset your android phone.

                             Hard reset android phone

The hard formatting process will take some time, Please don’t remove battery or turn off the device during process.

I hope the above article on “How to reset android phone” would helped you to format your android phone.

If you have any questions or queries regarding above article, Please drop that it comment box below, I will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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