Thursday 16 January 2014

6 Common Pen drive Problems and Their Solutions

Common Pen drive Problems and Their Solutions
Pen drives or flash drives are the best way to carry huge amount of data from one place to another. Pen drives offer a cheap and reliable way to store data. They are reliable because unlike other storage mediums, they don’t have moving parts. Pen drives stores data in magnetic form and that’s why they are re writable in nature. But despite of having so many advantages of using pen drives, there are some disadvantages too. These disadvantages are nothing but only some common pen drive problems that most of us face regularly.

 So today we are listing 6 common pen drive problems and their solutions.

1) Generic Volume Can’t Be Stopped Right Now: This is a common pen drive problem which occurs on windows operating system when we try to remove pen drive by clicking on safely remove hardware option. If you are getting this problem with your pen drive and want to fix it by following some easy tips, then must read this article: How to fix Generic Volume Cannot Be Stopped Right Now Pendrive Problem.

2) Remove Write protection From Pen drive: This is another common pen drive problem which comes when we want to delete the data from pen drive. You can remove write protection of a pen drive from reading this article: How to Remove Write Protection from Pen drive.

3) Pen drive is Detected but Not Showing in My Computer: Sometimes when we plug-in a pen drive to our computer, the system instantly detects it but doesn’t show it in My Computer.  This happens due to disk management. In case if you want to remove this problem, Read this article: How to Fix Pen drive is detected But not showing in My Computer Problem.

4) Problem In formatting Pen drive: Sometimes when we try to format our pen drive, a pop up box appears which says “Can’t format the drive”. There are many ways to solve this pen drive problem, In case if you are facing the same problem with your pen drive, then read this article to solve it: Fix Can’t Formatthe drive pen drive problem.

5) Please Insert a Disk into Drive Pen drive Problem: This is a very common pen drive problem and comes when we insert our pen drive in our PC and try to access it via my computer. Due to this problem, Computer shows us a message which says “Please insert a Disk into drive”, if you want to solve this pen drive problem then read this article: How to fix Please insert a Disk into Drive Pen drive Problem.

6) USB Device Not Recognized or Malfunctioned: This problem comes when we plug in a pen drive to our computer, The computer displays a message in tray, which says “One of the USB device attached to your computer has malfunction”, You can fix USB Device Malfunctioned problem by following this article: How to fix USB Device has Malfunctioned Pen drive Problems.

If you are facing another pen drive problem, then you can share it in comment box below. I would feel glad to fix your pen drive problem.


  1. Sir.. my 32GB pendrive is not supported to receive above 1 gb files from my Android via OTG... Please solve my problem sir... This problem is not occurred when using 8 gb pendrive

  2. Sir mera सोनी 16 gb ka pendrive है usmai file hai 4 gb ka लेकिन mai jab v use open karta hun to mujhe properties mai to 4 gb file दिखता है लेकिन usmai mujhe 4 gb soft copy show नहीं कर रहा hai

    Sir plz help me

  3. Hi,
    I have 2 GB data on my pen drive but whenever I try to copy or open any file my computer or laptop will restart automatically, I tried 3-4 computer the problem is same with all
    Pls reply

  4. My pendrive can't be started Message "There was a problem starting &&&&&...(02148AC9...)
    The specified module could
    not be found. Please advise.

  5. My pen drive is detected as shortcut icon. How to resolve it

  6. Fisrt open your pen drive and delete that shortcut becoz that is virus dont click on that icon then open command prompt go to pendrive as a drive letter of. Your pendrive then gove a command of attrib

  7. When i am copying files from my pendrive to computer the real files are not coming instead of those shortcuts are coming
    Please give me a solution

  8. In my computer pen drive is detected but I can't able to use... When I right click on pen drive suddenly mycomputer is not responding.