Saturday 12 January 2019

How to do Effective ICO Community Management

As an ICO community manager preparing an ICO community marketing strategy is always difficult as to due to answer many questions and in the right way along with secure as to save company and campaign from unwanted legal issues. The company needs to hire quality resource and manpower into generating a successful campaign. And effective communication by an ICO may lead your business to gain high advantages in growth rates. For the right participation in the community, always hire ICO Community Managers which are smart, proactive and have the ability to participate actively.

ICO Community management is emerging as a big challenge due to different time zones, channels, a different type of people and interests. And here on these channels, every single user coming is a potential investor for you. Thus, and ICO community manager must be impactful in all the condition and should be capable enough to handle all the types of communication under the community.  How fast you will answer in the community, the same way you will be putting a remark in the mind of investors. The more active you are on this channel in the same way you will generate your credibility in the community members. And all the efforts of your ICO community managers with effective community management helping you to bring investors for your business.

It is always a good option and opinion to hire someone from the community as they will be having an accurate idea about the cryptocurrencies and can help you. ICO community manager should have the communication which is credible and communicative to stay authentic. While you see effective community management you will be finding that your ICO is participating and dealing all the matters and different channels very quickly, answering so many question in a day and have very active participation in the group. Always before creating an effective communication try to ensure and hire an ICO manager which is very affordable and effective in communication. As in to this fast-growing digital world it is important to be very smart to follow the track of competitors as ICO market is just too big to rest.

If your community managers organized and have the strong knowledge about the community channels along with the features and how to handle personal messages, pinned messages, spamming and blocking. It is very essential to have good communication skills, along with written and verbal skills in different languages and grammar. It would be really a great advantage if as ICO you can handle queries from multiple languages. One of the importance levels in the crypto market is that the ICO community manager must have knowledge and interest in a particular topic, it could be anything.

For creating a better atmosphere in a community happy and growing it would be really good to act through communication rather than reacting. Always try to avoid conflicts and unwanted communication creating disputes. Community manager always requires to work constantly as an investor and members can go through your history and if they found you improper in replies and communication, it can be signed to lose a potential customer.

As a company always provide detailed information to the ICO managers with all the relevant things including team, ICO, and partnerships. This will generate positive and reliable information and will open the way for future communication ahead.

Select the right channels :

Effective and impactful communication starts from the community or channel you are participating. It is not difficult to sign in a particular channel rather than maintain all the channels you are participating. Mentioning two platforms through which it is good to generate direct communication as on twitter one can use hashtags and on the telegram has the facility to pinpoint on every message. Both the platforms are a great place to draw attention from the investors based on different topics and communities. There are so many channels and platforms are available apart from these two but these platforms are not recommended due to so many scams.

To generate an effective community management system it can be said there are so many things which need to keep in mind and can not be avoided. Build a strong base in the community from the time when you start doing an ICO, it will help you at the time when there is some strong, relevant and serious communication. ICO community managers must be sincere, experienced and knowledgeable. Maintain clear communication with potential investors. Be ready to tackle all the situations either it is criticism, feedback, good news, bad news adapt your own strategy to build a successful community in the community in ICO community management.


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