Thursday 30 August 2018

Getting the Most Out of Your Dating App: Tips and Tricks

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Dating apps haven’t displaced the traditional (offline) way of meeting romantic partners yet, and it hardly will. However, there is serious competition among those playing the online dating game. There are always good matches, but we tend to look for the best ones. Some people admit that dating apps prove to be working for them, while a lot of users complain that they don’t get what they want – they
either attract the wrong matches or don’t get responses from the desirable potential dates. The thing is, your success on a dating app depends on how effectively you use it: from the fullness of your profile to your immediate interaction with your matches. Do you think you need to improve something about your profile? You think right. Here are some tricks from an online dating service for meeting Ukrainian women.

Take your profile photos more than seriously

Probably, you realize that a picture on a dating app is worth a hundred words written in your bio. Most apps create matches after two people assess each other’s photos. That’s why the first aspect of your dating profile that needs to be improved is your photos. Make sure that they are fresh. How long have you been using this app? When did you add fresh photos? Your ultimate purpose is to go out with the person you meet through the dating app. Just imagine their frustration and confusion when you show up on a date and they see a totally different version of you. So, upload only the most recent pictures. Choose those shots where your face is clearly visible. It concerns your main photo in the first place. Avoid naked torso pictures, photos that feature you holding some drink, pictures with you wearing sunglasses, and too many selfies. If you don’t know which photos to upload, ask your female friend to help you choose the most attractive ones.

Don’t overlook the importance of bio

If a woman sees a handsome man in the photo but then notices that his bio is blank, odds are she’ll ignore him. Let people know what kind of person you are. As competition is fierce, you should make your bio stand out. For inspiration, check other users’ bios, analyze them, decide what you like about them and what repels you. Irrespective of the space left for your bio, indicate your most vivid traits, passions, and goals. Those should be the accents of your personality. Make sure what you write corresponds to what you show in your photos (if you write you like traveling, there should be a picture from your trip).

Know your app’s features

In order to use your dating app to the fullest, you need to know everything it is capable of. There may be some tricks you didn’t even know about. It’s a good idea to look up some inside info on your app somewhere on forums or on app’s official website. Yet, you can learn all ins and outs by checking out the Settings or Edit Profile section. Also, make sure you know all the basic features of your app, such as advanced search or paid/free features.

Be an active user

By simply checking out your profile once in a while and showing no activity, you will not convince the app algorithms that you’re in an active search of matches. Edit or add some information to your bio, upload some new photos, send several messages. As a reward, the app will show your profile to better matches and offer you better candidates.

Expect less, use more

Reconsider your attitude to your potential dates. If you have a certain idea of what kind of person your ideal partner should be, forget it. Be open-minded instead. If you’re not sure whether it’s your type or not, give it a try – chat online, go out on a real date to check. You can use several dating services to enhance your chances to meet that special someone.


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