Wednesday 8 August 2018

How to Convert Cryptocurrency to Real Money

Money is usually associated with something we can touch. But are there ways how to convert cryptocurrency to real money? Even a year ago, it was difficult to find out the answer to this question, which is not the same right now. Today, there are several methods you may choose, how can cryptocurrency be converted into real money. Let's review some of the steps to get to know how to convert cryptocurrency into cash:

1. Choose conversion or exchange service.
Mind the security and the price. For example, you can use BitBay, Coinbase, Binance or other ones (just click here It is necessary to figure out which amount will be sent to your crypto account: in USD or EUR. Due to the fact that exchanges perform sells in various ways, the different services offer the specific conversion rates.
2. Create an account.
Many conversion exchanges demand you to register an account. The process might be either simple or complicated, depending on the complexity of the service you utilize. For that, you will need to enter your date of birth, name, address, phone number, email address, and other personal information. However, sometimes you will need to give your bank account number.
3. Make cryptocurrency conversion with the cheapest service.
Note that there is a charge fee. However, you may compare the fees of the different conversion services and choose the one for you.
4. Check the security of the service.
For that, you are able to find the sites that monitor conversion sites or review them. Also, note that the sites that start with "http" are less secure than those that begin with "https". In addition, there are more ways how to make sure the site is secure,  such as whether it has a two-step authentication.
5. Select a quick conversion service.
The speed of withdrawing your money is different and it depends on various factors such as country, currency, and more. Some sites help you withdraw your money for 5 days when some do it for 2 or 3 days.
6.  Withdraw your cryptos.
The sixth step of how to convert cryptocurrency to cash depends on the wallet where you keep your cryptocurrency right now. Just click the button "Deposit", or if you have any issues do not hesitate to contact the support center.
7. Put your cryptos on a card.
In some markets, it is possible to make it by automatic conversion into real money. You can purchase the electronic withdrawal card, which is actually a series of numbers. You can utilize these numbers for online purchases or you are able to use a normal withdrawal card. You have to pay for these cards though, but it is more beneficial, especially if you do not use cash often.
8. Transfer the cryptos to the electronic wallet.
It is possible to convert some cryptocurrencies into real money with a help of some services by transferring them to  PayPal, Apple Pay or some similar services. So you have just to choose one of them and sell or transfer. Note that the fees when transferring to e-wallet are higher than those on a bank account. However, the first way is more beneficial for those who like to shop online.

Always stay healthy and wealthy! Have a nice day!


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