Wednesday 18 July 2018

How to Use a Linear Actuator

Linear actuator is a device that executes the straight-line motion (as opposed to other types of motors where motion is rotational). Giving it enough power, you can get a mechanism that initiates the upward-downward movements along the strict direction.

The field of application of linear actuators is quite extensive. However, regular people might not have a slight image of how, where, and for what they can be used. This feature will come in handy if you also don’t have an idea what this device is used for exactly.

Linear actuator employment

Linear actuators enable us to lift, place, tilt, push or pull things of various dimensions and weight parameters.
Actuator drives also provide secure, almost soundless, precise movement. They can be controlled both remotely and locally via a remote control. Actuator drives are highly effective in work and are very durable. They practically don’t require any tech maintenance during use whatsoever.
Installing actuators is also very simple. The device is locked with the help of special struts or brackets (which is more simpler than locking and connecting hydraulic systems).

Linear actuator: fields of application

The most frequent field of linear actuator use is automobile manufacture. It can be particularly involved in the construction of a mechanism that initiates the performance of a hydraulic cylinder in trucks. Actuators are also used for regulating the speed of car engines as well as the operation of window mechanisms, exhaustion management, trunk lid automation, etc.
These devices, for instance, serve as motors in crimping machines. With the appearance and development of robotic technologies in large global manufacture, linear actuators became frequently employed in the production of industrial machines of various purposes.
Actuators have been used in the medical equipment construction for years. Tomographic scanner, MRT scanner, hospital beds, chairs, and other equipment include these parts. Nowadays, they are even employed in the home automation systems.


You might as well find linear actuators extensively useful in your own developments. If you are a passionate mechanic, you’ll definitely find a good use to it. In particular, choose from a wide assortment of high-quality, reliable drives in our online store!



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