Thursday 8 March 2018

3 Ways To Reset Windows 10 Admin Password?

Windows Operating systems have always been a veritable asset to all the computer users and to the world of computers. In the years it has experienced many challenges and breakthroughs but has still kept its root in the sector of technological advancements.
Now Windows 10 was the first Windows OS which brought about a revolutionary changes to the conventional features of previous versions of XP/ Vista in terms of screen resolution, processor handling capabilities and many more with no end to the list of visions.

 Thus it was very much required, rather a recommendation from the most of the computer experts to keep the accounts, especially the admin account of your PC locked with password in order to protect the contents stored within the device. As admin account is the only viable account which gives you the necessary privileges to access mostly everything of your computer thus once such an account gets locked, it becomes quite a trouble.

Thus this article today is going to guide you with 3 very simple trickeries to reset your Windows 10 admin account without the need of technical expertise.

Way #1: Find Windows 10 Passwords in NotepadNotepad

Many a times while dealing with multiple accounts, be it bank accounts, admin accounts, domain and root accounts, etc. we prefer to note them down in a safer places, like Notepads for its difficult to remember all of them at once. Thereby we can simply open the notepad and copy paste the password to the required location.
Thus in spite of proceeding ahead with the complications of tools and softwares it is better to check thoroughly through all such locations like notepads, Excel files to find out the password for your admin account. 
Now if you fail to find out your password even in those locations, then you have to try out something else. Continue reading to know the alternate methods to accomplish the task.

Way #2: Reset Windows 10 Password with Command Prompt

Command prompt or simply abbreviated as CMD is an exceptionally powerful command line interpreter which can carry out many complicated tasks just at the stroked of few commands in a dialog box. Thus here also we are going to use certain commands using CMD reset our Windows 10 admin account. The steps are elaborated as follows:
Step 1. Firstly insert your Windows 10 bootable disk into your locked account computer and turn on the system normally.
Step 2. Wait until the login screen appears and keep hitting the “Shift” key continuously until the command prompt black dialog box turns up.
Step 3. Now copy paste the command given here and press “Enter”:

net user account password command line

Make sure to replace the password with the new password that you are creating right now.
Step 4. Now restart your computer and input the recently set password into your computer and you will certainly gain the smooth access to your locked account without any difficulty.
·         It is not a 100% effective method.
·         Execution of wrong command can cause severe damage to your computer hard disk.

Way #3: Remove Windows 10 Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Tool
If you are tired of trying out several promising third-party tools to reset your admin account, then iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro  is the best tool to choose. The most astonishing aspect of this tool is that it can actually remove the password protection feature from the login screen without re-installing the OS and as a result no data is lost during the process of password removal. Few more specifications are listed below to give you a detailed idea regarding the tool.
Salient Features of iSeePassword Recovery Pro:
·         It runs with all the Windows OS, be it XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
·         It supports both UEFI and Legacy BIOS based computers.
·         No internet connection is needed.
·         It requires no additional ISO image burner.
·         It supports all kinds of hard disks, namely SATA, SSD, HDD, RAID, etc.
·         Both USB and CD/DVD can be used to create bootable disk.
·         No data is lost.
·         All time upgrade facilities are available.
Things you need before using iSeePassword Recovery Pro:
·         The iSeePassword program file.
·         A computer which is not locked and is fully accessible.
·         An empty USB or CD/DVD to create a bootable disk.
Method to use iSeePassword Recovery Pro:
Step 1. Download the program file on a working computer from the official website of the tool and install it accurately to avoid any technical mishaps.

Step 2. Run the program file with admin rights, and from the main interface screen select “USB or CD/DVD” option as the media type.


Step 3. Insert your empty optical disk and click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” depending upon what you have inserted as the optical disk to initiate the burning of ISO image files into the disk.
Step 4. Click “OK” after you receive the notification as “Burning Successfully!”.


Step 5. Take out the bootable disk and reinsert it into the locked account computer and boot from it. In order to do that, go to the BIOS settings and select the inserted disk as the priority disk to load the files into the locked computer.

iseepassword recovery

Step 6. Now finally, click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to initiate the process of password removal.
It will take some time before it is completed and your system will be restarted in the meantime. But when it turns on next time, there would not be any password protection anymore on the login screen.

The methods mentioned are not that hard to pull off if you can follow the steps one by one. But if you are persistent about getting the expected result, it would be better to follow the iSeePassword Recovery Pro tool as it has got no downsides to let your expectations down.


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