Saturday 2 March 2019

5 Amazing Facts you Didn't Know About Facebook

Facebook: the platform with over one billion and 700 million active users! If it were a country, it would have more inhabitants than China. Even if Whatsapp and Twitter joined their forces, they would not be able to match this site’s user base. But this huge number is not the only curiosity about what - most likely - is your favorite social network. We found at least other five amazing facts you probably didn’t know about Facebook.

Why is Blue Facebook’s Most Dominant Color?
Let’s start from the base. Is it blue, because it is a colour that relaxes? No. The colour of the most famous social network is because Mark Zuckerberg, the creator, is colour blind towards red and green, and he wanted his creation to have a colour that he could recognise. In reality, in the most popular sites on the web, the shades of blue and light blue are almost twice those of yellow and red; take, for example, Twitter and Google. Blue indeed evokes security, reliability, serenity. The choice of Zuckerberg proved to be a stroke of luck, but usually, the process of selecting the official colours for the launch of a new product, online or on supermarket shelves, requires more complex analysis. For instance, consumers take around 90 seconds to judge a brand, and because the vision is the most developed human sense, 90% of the attention we pay to a logo is captured by its colour.

How much is a Facebook user worth?
Investing in advertising on an online platform means to expect an economic return. The investor does it to make money, but it is not just the investor who gains something. Even the platform collects a fee as a technology intermediary between the investor and end user or consumer. And this is also the case of Facebook. In Facebook, we can find advertisements on the most varied topics: clothing, travel agencies, online courses, etc. It’s a powerful tool for brands to showcase their products to a targeted audience.

The average revenue for each user of the platform is about 2 dollars, which may seem low, but let's multiply it by the number of total users. Segmenting this data by macro-geographical areas, it results that the area of North America (Canada and USA) generates, on average, more revenues with 5,85 dollar pro user.

A new disorder

Facebook is so famous that doctors have had to invent the name for a new disease: Facebook Addiction Disorder. This can become a real problem that can negatively affect the emotions and behaviour of people. It is caused by the lack of arrival of likes, notifications, messages... in short, by the suspension of all those activities that give us the feeling of existing, of being in communication with someone, and to have therefore confirmation of our relationships, human or virtual.

User Inactivity is Expensive

Every minute of inactivity due to interruptions of various nature costs Facebook about 24,420 dollars. In August 2014, there was a serious collapse of Facebook from 6.52 p.m. to 7.27 p.m. Eastern, and this represented a loss of 854,700 dollars!

Although not to that scale, there’s something similar happening in other markets where user retention and activity is very important - like the online casino industry. These sites are implementing marketing campaigns and investing efforts to keep and grow their users. There’s a review on 888casino that shows just that - appealing welcome bonuses, promotions and reputable games for new and existing users. However, considering the annual revenue of Facebook, even such a loss can easily be overtaken.

The power of the posts

●      Posts published between 10 and 11 pm EST receive about 88% more interactions, on  

average than those published at other times of the day.
●      Ending a post with a question would increase the interactions by 162%.
●      Posts with an image get 179% more interactions, on average.
●      The most shared type of posts are videos, with an average of 89.5 shares.


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