Tuesday 28 October 2014

SMS Forwarding: Forward SMS From One Number to Another Number

Forward SMS
You might not know about SMS Forwarding, but it's a handy android feature to forward SMS from one mobile number to another mobile number or even to an email address. This feature is a worthwhile feature for the people who have recently changed their mobile phone number and want to receive all the SMS to new mobile number. So, without taking much of your time here is a detailed guide on how to activate and use SMS forwarding.

Forward SMS From One Number To Another Number:

1. To forward your SMS, first of all you will need an SMS Forwarding application for your smartphone. If you are an android phone user then you can download and install this free app SMS forwarding app.

2. Once done, open SMS forwarding app and you will see something like this.

How to Forward SMS
SMS Forwarding Android App
Click mark on “Enable Forwarding”.

3. Now click mark on “Forward with SMS”. Now enter your new number on which you want to receive forwarded SMS in “Destination Number” field.

4. Alternatively, If you want to receive a forwarded SMS to your email address then follow this step and don't follow the step number 3. Check mark on “Forward with Email” and enter your email address in “Email of Recipients” field. Now you need to enter an outgoing email account details by which all the SMS notifications will be forwarded to your recipient mail address.

Enter a valid email address in “Outgoing Mail Account” and password in “Password of Outgoing Mail Account”.

5. If you want to delete the forwarded messages after SMS forwarding then click mark on “Delete Forwarded Message”.

One thing to note here is that “Forward SMS to Email Address” trick won’t work, if your mobile phone is not connected with internet.

Are you facing any trouble while activating SMS forwarding, then kindly drop your comments in comment section below.


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