Sunday 19 October 2014

Use Your Smartphone As 12 Different Electronic Devices

Smartphone Cool Things
Are you using a SmartPhone for only social networking and internet surfing purpose, then there are chances that you are missing a lot of cool things that your SmartPhone can do for you. Apart from traditional voice calling and tedious SMS chatting, there are plenty of cool things that you can do with your SmartPhone. So today in this article, we are going to share an article on How to use your SmartPhone as 12 Different Electronic Devices.

1.  Use SmartPhone as a Walkie-Talkie: Applications like zello (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows) and HeyTell (iPhone, Android, Windows) can help you to turn your SmartPhone into a real Walkie-Talkie. These free applications make it possible for you to send quick push to talk voice messages, so you can use your phone as a real Walkie-Talkie.

2. Turn SmartPhone into Universal Remote: Managing 10's of remotes for different appliances is an onerous task. Believe it or not but applications like IR Remote (Android) and Dijit (iPhone) can help you to fully control different electronic appliances by just using your SmartPhone.

3. Use SmartPhone as a Wireless Mouse/Keyboard/Touchpad: Want to buy wireless keyboard and Mouse but don’t have enough money to invest, then client server mobile application like Remote Mouse can help you. Remote Mouse is an android, windows & iPhone based application that lets you turn your normal SmartPhone into a wireless keyword & mouse in just 2 simple steps. Just go to and download client application for your android/iphone/windows device then download server application for your PC and experience wireless computing.

4. Turn Your SmartPhone into a Webcam: You might not know but you can easily turn your SmartPhone into a Webcam. There are plenty of free apps like WO webcam Lite (Android) and EpocCam (iphone) available on internet that will help you to transform your SmartPhone into a Webcam.

5. Turn Your SmartPhone into Wi-Fi Router: Most of you may already know about this useful SmartPhone feature. Almost all the android phones nowadays coming with an inbuilt Wi-Fi router, you can turn on this feature by just going to Wi-Fi Hotspot settings. With this amazing feature you can share your phone’s data connection with another Wi-Fi enabled phone.

6. Use Your SmartPhone as a GPS: Most of the SmartPhones nowadays are coming with an inbuilt GPS utility but with the help of some handy utilities like GPS Status & Toolbox (Android) and Waze (iphone) you can turn your SmartPhone as a real GPS. These free to use SmartPhone apps help you to get most out of your SmartPhone.

7. Transform Your SmartPhone into A Metal Detector: You might not know but your SmartPhone can even help you to find dropped screws. Yes, you are right with some handy SmartPhone apps like “Metal Detector” (Android) & “Metal Detector Free” (iphone/ipad) you can use your SmartPhone to detect metals. Both of these two apps work on a concept of magnetometer to measure magnetic field in order to detect metals.

8. Turn Your SmartPhone into Motion Detector: If your SmartPhone has an inbuilt proximity sensor then you can do various tasks like changing a song by just waving a hand in front of your SmartPhone without touching it. If you are sure that your phone has proximity sensor then just download Proximity Actions (Android) or Smart Player Free (iPhone) to control your SmartPhone without touching it.

9. Use Your SmartPhone as a Scanner: Do you urgently need a scanned copy of your documents, but don’t have a scanner? Then no need to worry at all, with the help of CamScanner (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows 8) your SmartPhone can acts as a scanner for you. One of the best things about this handy app is that, it’s free to use and scans documents and images in high resolution format.

10. Transform Your SmartPhone into a TV: With Applications like LiveNow! TV (Android) and PBS (iPhone) you can turn your SmartPhone into an internet TV. Both these applications are free to use, as well as while using these apps, you don’t need to pay any kind of monthly subscription charges.

11. Use SmartPhone as Wireless PC Speaker: You might not know but your SmartPhone can act as a Wireless PC speaker. All you need to do is, just download SoundWire (Android) or Airfoil Speakers Touch (iPhone, iPod, iPad) to your SmartPhone and install the server side software on your PC. Afterwards you can wirelessly play music on your SmartPhone via PC.

12. Turn Your SmartPhone as Cosmic Rays Detector: SmartPhone cameras contain sensors that use photoelectric effect. On this concept, an android based application named DECO has released which helps you to detect cosmic rays by just using your SmartPhone. To detect Cosmic rays by your SmartPhone download and install DECO and Data Logger android app, Then cover your Smartphone's camera with black electric tape. DECO app takes a camera image in every couple of seconds and analyzes the image for cosmic rays.

Here comes the end of our article on “How to Use Your Smartphone as 12 Different Electronic Devices”, I am certain that now you have a good idea how to get most out of your SmartPhone. If you have any thoughts on this article, kindly drop your valuable feedback in comment section below. 


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