Saturday 18 October 2014

Create Bootable USB Drive of Windows/Linux or Any other OS

how to create bootable usb drive for windows/linux/unix
Strenuous situation arises when you want to fresh install your operating system and your CD/DVD ROM is not working properly. In that case only feasible solution is that replace your buggy CD/DVD ROM with another working CD/DVD ROM, so that you can fresh install a new operating system using a bootable CD. But what if, today we reveal a way by which you can fresh install new operating system without bothering about your buggy CD/DVD ROM.

Yes, you predicted it right. Today we are going to share an article on how to create bootable USB to install any operating system including Windows and Linux.

So, without taking much of your time, here we go:


1. Rufus – download link in step 1.
2. ISO image of operating system for which you want to create a bootable USB drive.

Create Bootable USB Drives of Windows/Linux/Any Other OS:

Following are the steps to create bootable USB

1. First of all download Rufus, Rufus is an open source computer program to create bootable USB drive.

2. Install Rufus, and open it.

3. Once done, insert your USB drive in your computer’s USB port. Wait until your USB drive appears in Rufus.

4. In Rufus menu, Change the File System from FAT32 to NTFS, In Volume Label Box, enter the name you want to give your Bootable USB drive. And leave all other options as it is.

Create bootable usb drive using Rufus
5. Now check mark on Create Bootable Disk Using and Select ISO image in drop down menu next to it. After that, browse the ISO Image of operating system you want to create bootable USB.

6. Click on start and you are done, Rufus will now format your USB drive and will create a bootable USB.

To install fresh OS by using bootable USB drive, just plug your USB drive, restart your computer, then go to boot menu and select USB device as primary boot device.

So, now you know a way by which you can create bootable USB to install any operating system including Windows and Linux by just using your USB Drive. In upcoming articles we will share tricks on how to run live operating system using USB Drive. If you have any query regarding this article, don’t forget to drop it in comment box below.


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