Wednesday 1 October 2014

Develop An Android App in Just 10 Minutes – Tutorial

Android App Development Tutorial
Are you the one, who is fascinated by increasing android popularity? Are you the one, who wants to develop an android app but having no programming knowledge. If yes, then this android app tutorial is for you, in this android app tutorial we are going to tell you how to develop an android app in just 10 minutes without any programming knowledge. Apart from this we will also tell you the way to submit that android app to different markets including Google play store.


1. Some spare time.
2. Little bit of Brain. (Optional)

What kind of Android Apps, I can develop by following this android app tutorial?

You can develop almost any kind of android app using this tutorial. Some of the popular kind of apps you can create by following this article is:

1. Instant chat messaging app like whatsapp.
2. A browser like Google chrome.
3. Video streaming app like YouTube.
4. Live Mobile TV streaming App.
5. Wallpaper Sharing App.
6. App for websites and Blogs.
7. A number puzzle like 2048.
8. Quiz app.
9. Radio or online music app.
10. Addicting Gaming apps.

So how to create an android app in just 10 minutes without any programming knowledge?

Here is the step by step android app tutorial on how to create almost any kind of android application in 10 minutes.

1. Go to appsgeyser and select what kind of app you want to create.

2. It will ask you some basic details about the android app. Fill out the details and check preview.

3. Once done, it will ask for Signup, Signup there and it will redirect you to your dashboard.

4. Just download the app (.apk file) from your dashboard to your android phone and test your newly created android app.

5. You can share this .apk app file to your friends directly, so that they can install and use your app, else you can also submit your app to Google play store.

How to submit your app to Google play store?

One thing to note here is that submission of android apps to Google play store is not free; you need to pay a onetime submission fee of $25 using your credit card. If you are still willing to submit your app to Google play store then here we go.

1. .apk of your application which you have downloaded from your appsgeyser’s account dashboard.

2. A credit card to pay $25 to Google.

3. Well written app description.

4. Screenshots of your newly created android app.

Submit app to Google Play Store: 

1. Go to Google play Developer Console.

. Accept the Developer agreement.

3. Pay the $25 one time submission amount.

4. Submit the .apk file, screenshots and description and you are done.

If you don’t want to pay $25 to Google Play Store then you can try some free android app markets such as GetJar, AppBrain and Appsfire. These app stores don’t charge anything for new application submission.

So here comes the end of our android app tutorial on developing an android app in just 10 minutes. Please shot your queries in comment box below.


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