Sunday 28 September 2014

4 Google Play Store Tricks You Might Not Know

Google Play Store Tricks
Everyone knows that Google Play Store is one of the biggest android app store which is managed by Google. Google play Store provides millions of free and paid android apps for its users. But apart from providing apps for downloading, Google Play Store offers several other handy features that most of the android users don’t know. So today we are compiling an article on some hidden Google Play Store tricks that most users don’t know.

Google Play Store Tricks:

1. Track Lost or Stolen Phone using Google Play: Yes, you can track lost or stolen android phone with Google Play Store, But there are 3 simple requirements that your phone must fulfill. They are as:

*Your Device is connected with your Google account.
*Your Device has access to internet.
*Location access on your device should be turned on. (Turned ON by default).

If you are sure, that your device is fulfilling all of the above requirements then just open Android Device Manager and track your lost or stolen android phone's location on a real time map.

2. Remotely Erase all your phone data using Google Play: This is one of the handy Google Play Store Tricks, with this you can remotely reset an android phone in case it is lost or stolen. Again to use this trick your phone should be connected to your Google account and it should have internet access. If your phone is satisfying both of these two requirements, then just head towards Android Device Manger and wipe all your personal data from stolen phone.

3. Get Refund of Unwanted Paid Apps: So you purchased a paid android app from Google play store and it’s not working as promised. So what to do?

Google play store offers another handy feature by which you can get the refund of paid app that you don’t like. But there are some conditions that you must follow, the refund will work once for every android app, you can’t claim refund for 2 times for the same app. Another restriction is that, you can only claim refund in the first 2 hours since you installed the app. To get a refund, just open the Google play store and search for that particular paid android app. Once you reached to app page, you will see an option of refund, Click on it and Google will refund your money within next 48 hours. One of the best things about this refund policy is that, it’s a no questions asked policy, it simply means that you don’t have to answer hundreds of questions to get your refund.

4. Get List of Your Old Android Apps: Have you sold your android phone recently? Are you looking for a list of android apps that you were using on your old android phone?

Then here is the solution, Google Play Store records your app downloads and supplies a list when required. To use this handy Google play feature, just open the android market, Login using your Google play account, that you were using on your old android phone then navigate to Apps > My Apps section.

Do you have any other Google Play Store tricks in mind, Then don't forget to share that in comments below.


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