Friday 3 October 2014

10 Best Launchers for Android

Best Launchers
Android Launchers app are the best way to customize the look of your android phone. They help us to improve the overall graphical user interface as well as the user friendliness of our phone. So today, in this article we are featuring some best launchers app for android that will help you to customize the look and feel of your android phone. So without taking much of your time, here is the list of 10 best launchers for android.

List of Best Launchers for Android

1. Action Launcher: Action launcher is one of the best launchers for android phone. The standout features of Action Launcher such as Quickdrawer, Covers, Shutters and Quickpage help you to access your favorite apps in single click. It also offers Qucksearch feature that helps you to search your favorite content including apps, contacts, music directly from your action bar. The flat icons make the home screen of Action Launcher very charismatic. If you are looking for best launchers for your android phone or tablet, then Action Launcher should be the first launcher to try.

Action Launcher for Andorid
Action Launcher
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2. Apex Launcher: Apex launcher is another highly customizable launcher for android phones and tablets. The free version of apex launcher offers customizable home screen and grid size. Other handy features include infinite scrolling, scroll-able dock, attractive transition effects, and fully customizable icons. Unlike other launchers, it offers another useful feature of gesture controls which is pretty fun to use.

Apex Launcher For Android
Apex Launcher
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3. EverythingMe Launcher: EverythingMe is another one the best launchers available for android phones and tablets. The launcher works on a simple concept of “Everything you need, just one tap away”. The launcher figure you out and matches your phone based on your needs. The home screen look of EverythingMe launcher is very stunning and user friendly, it groups all the apps in categories, thus makes the overall user experience a lot better.

EverythingMe Android Launcher
EverythingMe Launcher
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4. GO Launcher Ex: When we talk about best launchers, then we can’t neglect Go Launcher Ex. Go Launcher Ex is one of the most popular launcher for android phones and tablets. Features like flat icon set, fully customizable grid, and attractive transition makes this launcher one of the best launchers available in Google play store.

Go LauncherEx
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5. Google Now Launcher: Google Now Launcher is a free launcher by Google Inc. Some best features of this launcher include voice commands, Google Now integration and easy to access Goggle products. Currently the launcher app doesn't has many customization features, But we are expecting some more customization features in upcoming updates.

GoogleNow Launcher for android
Google Now Launcher
Best Launchers for Android

6. Launcher 8 Free: Are you the one who is fascinated by windows 8 phones, then this launcher is just for you. Launcher 8 Free is an android launcher that can turn your android phone into windows 8 phone. The launcher app comes with lots of customization options that help you to turn your android phone into windows 8 phone.
Best Launchers for Android
Launcher 8 Free
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7. Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher is another elegant launcher for android phones and tablets. It’s a highly customizable, performance driven and user friendly launcher app. Some handy features of Nova Launcher includes thousands of icon themes, big set of color themes, sub-grid positioning, infinite scrolling and customizable app drawer.

Nova Launcher For Android
Nova Launcher
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8. Solo Launcher: Solo launcher is another free launcher that provides some impressive features like home screen gestures and Google Now voice support. It’s a simple but a fast launcher that is fully supported on android phones and tablets. Incase if you are still searching for best launchers, then solo launcher really deserves a try.

Best launchers
Solo Launcher
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9. Smart Launcher 2: Smart Launcher is another one of the best launchers available in market. It’s a innovative launcher featuring minimalist design and works on a low resource requirement concept. The home screen flower concept of smart launcher gives you a direct access to most common apps, beside this the drawer concept automatically organizes your apps into different categories for a faster access. It’s highly customizable as well as supported on both phones and tablets.
Smart Launcher2
Smart Launcher 2
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10. Dodol Launcher: The last but not the least, Dodol launcher is another simple, fast and fully customization launcher available in the market. It’s a launcher that can turn your phone into a piece of artwork.
Dodol Launcher for Android
Dodol Launcher
Best Launchers for Android

Here comes the end of our list of 10 best launchers, so which launcher are you going to install, Leave your valuable thoughts in comments section below.


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