Friday 28 February 2014

How to Increase Twitter Followers

increase twitter followers
Twitter is a famous social networking site with more than 1 billion registered users. The two main things for which twitter is famous for is tweets and followers. Everybody on twitter is looking for ways to increase twitter followers so he/she can broadcast his tweets to a large number of people. If you are also looking for twitter tricks to increase twitter followers then you come at right place, Today we are sharing some secret twitter tricks to increase twitter followers fast. So without taking much of your time here we go.

How to Increase Twitter followers

Here is a list of websites where you can get free twitter followers.

1) is a great website to increase twitter followers instantly, to get twitter followers all you need to do is, just go to and login using your twitter account. Now follow some of their sponsors to earn quick points. If you follow one sponsor then you will get 5 points which is equals to 5 followers. Apart from this, you will also get 20 bonus points daily.

2) You can get targeted real twitter followers using this site. Login this site with your twitter account and follow other people to get mods and convert mods into real followers.  Twimod accepts only real profiles to their site; every twitter account should have a profile picture, biography, least 25 followers and least 100 tweets to get approved into their network.

3) This site gives you 20 points daily and you can invest these 20 points to get 20 followers daily without doing anything.  To get free 20 followers daily login to using your twitter account and increase your twitter followers fast.

4) : This website exactly works same as and you will get 20 free points daily. You can spend these 20 points to get 20 twitter followers.

5) : Again, another clone of jetfollowers and 30followers to get 20 free twitter followers daily.

6) : Twiends is a follower exchange network, where you can follow other people to earn seeds then you can invest those seeds to increase your twitter followers. You can get unlimited twitter followers on Twiends, all you need is seeds and you have to follow other people inorder to earn seeds.

7) : Addmefast is another alternative of twiends to increase twitter followers. You can earn addmefast points by various ways and you can invest those addmefast points to get twitter followers.

Most of the times, when you use above mentioned website, you follow other people unintentionally. I wrote an article on how to unfollow everyone on twitter in a single click; I hope you will find that article helpful to unfollow people from your twitter account fast.

So, here comes the end of article on “How to increase twitter followers”. If you use above mentioned websites regularly then you will surly increase your twitter followers by 500-800 daily.

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