Thursday 26 December 2013

How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter in a Single Click

How to unfollow everyone on twitter
The sole purpose of twitter is to follow new people to get updates about their life. But sometimes we follow so many people’s on twitter without considering that, their tweets and uploads could irritate us in future.  So in that case, unfollowing them would be a good choice. But as we all know twitter doesn't offer any inbuilt feature by which we can unfollow everyone on twitter in a single click. So unfollowing everyone manually would be a hard task to do. However, you can find many twitter mass unfollow tools on internet but they all needs your twitter account credentials, so trusting on those twitter unfollower apps would be a bad choice.

 So what we are going to learn today is a twitter trick by which you can unfollow people on twitter in a single click. The best thing about this trick is that, it doesn’t require your twitter credentials during bulk unfollow.

So without taking much of your time, here we go.

1) Firefox browser – Click here to download.
2) Imacros add-on for Firefox – Download and Install from here
3) Imacros twitter mass unfollower script – Download from here.

How to unfollow Everyone on Twitter:

1) Install Firefox and then download and install Imacros add-on for Firefox.

2) Once done download twitter mass unfollower script and after downloading paste that to C:\Users\Aman\Documents\iMacros\Macros folder.

Note: Change “Aman” with your username and in case if you installed windows on any other drive then change C:\ to that drive name.

3) Once done, open your twitter account from Mozilla Firefox and then open “following” tab.

twitter following tab

4) After that, click on the Imacros icon as you can see in the above snapshot.

5) A sidebar pop will open in the Firefox, Now select twitter mass follower.iim and put max value in text field as 1000 and finally click on play loop.

This will start unfollowing peoples in your twitter account, and will take 5-10 minutes to unfollow 1000 peoples.

One thing to notice is that, twitter recently, set the maximum unfollow limit to 200 a day. So never use any kind of twitter unfollowing trick heavily, else twitter will ban your account.

if you face any kind of problem, Leave your valuable comment in comment box below, I will get back on you as soon as possible.


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