Sunday 2 March 2014

How to Increase Likes on Facebook

How to increase likes on facebook
Facebook is a giant social networking platform to make new friends and to influence people over internet. Currently the number of active users on Facebook is 1.30 billion which is almost equal to the current population of most populous country china. One of the best reasons behind Facebook popularity is its handy features. We all know that Facebook has provided like button concept which is not provided by any other social networking site yet. People can click like button to indicate that they liked something. Nowadays popularity of any post is
calculated using the number of likes it gets. Everybody on Facebook is crazy to increase likes on Facebook photos, Posts or status messages. So today we are posting a genuine way on how to increase likes on Facebook posts, profile pictures or status messages. I hope you all will enjoy reading it.

1) Firefox Browser.
2) Imacros addon.
3) Imacros Script.
4) Good internet Connection.
5) Brain (Optional).

How to Increase Likes on Facebook

Here is a working Facebook trick to increase likes on on Facebook photos, posts or status updates. Just follow the steps to get unlimited likes on Facebook.

                             How to increase likes on facebook

1) First of all open Mozilla Firefox on your computer and Click here to go to addmefast and create an account there.

2) Soon after signup, you will get 50 addmefast points instantly.

3) Now open a new tab and login to your Facebook or twitter account.

4) Now download and install Firefox Imacros addon from here.

5) Once done, download Addmefast points generator Imacros script for Firefox from here. After downloading, extract the downloaded zip file content to c:\Users\Your_User_Name\Documents\iMacros\Macros folder.

6) Now restart your Firefox browser, and login to addmefast.

7) Once done, you will see an Imacros icon on Navigation bar of Firefox browser. Just click on it, a menu will pop up in left side of Firefox browser.

8) Now select which script you want to run from left menu, Insert the value of number of times loops play in Max text box (i.e. 1000) and click on play loop.
      increase likes on facebook
9) Now sit back and relax, your addmefast points will increase automatically.

Once you get enough addmefast points, it’s time to invest earned points to increase Facebook likes. So here is a way to increase Facebook likes using addmefast quickly.

1) Now stop all the addmefast script running your browser, or alternatively restart your browser and login to addmefast again.

2) Click on Add site/Page button a form will appear.

3) Now select Facebook post like in the Type field.

4) Now enter any name in title field and enter your Facebook status, photo or post URL in the FB Post URL field. One thing to notice here, that your entered post URL should be publicly visible on Facebook and your Facebook subscribers should be turned on.

5) Once done, Select CPC (Cost per click) in between 2-10.

6) Click on save changes and you are done; now your Facebook post will start getting likes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How many likes can I get using this addmefast trick to increase likes on Facebook ?
Answer: You can get unlimited likes on Facebook using this trick based on your points earned.

2) Can I invest my addmefast points to get Facebook shares, Facebook followers, Google plus circles, Twitter followers etc.?
Answer: Yes, You can spend your addmefast points in variety of ways like,
  • To increase Facebook post likes
  • To increase Facebook photo likes
  • To increase Facebook fan page likes
  • To increase Facebook post share
  • To increase Facebook followers
  • To increase google plus circles
  • To increase twitter followers
  • To increase twitter re-tweets 
  • To increase YouTube hits and so on.
3) Are Addmefast likes bot likes or real likes?
Answer: Addmefast likes are real likes and you will get likes on your Facebook posts by real people.

4) Why the above mentioned trick on How to increase Facebook likes is not working for me?
Answer: One of the reason may be your internet connection is slow, The trick has checked on 256kbps internet connection, Please check your internet speed else follow the instructions properly.

5) Is there any other way to earn addmefast points fast?
Answer: Yes, apart from this addmefast trick to increase Facebook likes, you can also refer your friends to addmefast, to generate addmefast points quickly. On every successful referral you will get 150 addmefast points.

5) Can I run the Imacros script in multiple browser windows to get more addmefast points?
Answer: yes, you can use the script, in multiple tabs or windows simultaneously.

6) Is there any other way to increase Facebook likes?
Answer: Yes, there are some more ways, I will reveal them in my upcoming post, till then stay tuned and subscribe email updates, So that you can get the trick directly in your mailbox whenever i will publish.

So, what you think on this article, any kind of comments or queries will be appreciated. 


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