Tuesday 12 December 2017

11 Tips on How to Make your Mobile Phone Unreachable

make your smartphone not reachable
In this digital age of communication mobile phones are getting popular day by day. On one hand where these smartphones help you to simplify your life, while on the other hand these phones are enough to create troubles in your day to day life.
Time arrives, when you get unwanted calls from a known person repeatedly but still you can’t reject the call as if you reject the call the caller will get to know that you are not interested in taking his/her call.

So, how to handle this situation? By switching off your phone? No, because if you do so the caller will get to know that you did it deliberately.  There are numerous apps available in the market which can blacklist the caller by sending them a busy tone. But these doesn’t fulfil the goal.

So in today’s article, we are going to provide you 11 tips on “How to make your phone unreachable” and avoid unwanted calls without the caller consent.

Following are the 10 tips on how to make your phone unreachable:

1. Use flight mode:
Turn your phone to flight mode so when someone calls you he/she will get a unreachable tone.

2. Remove battery without switching off the phone
Just remove the battery of the phone without switching it off. By doing this, it will start sending phone number not reachable tone to caller until you switch on the phone.

3. Call forwarding
Do you have an expired mobile number? If yes, then just forward your calls to that number and the caller will get an unreachable tone. For forwarding your calls to another number follow these steps: System app> Settings or call settings> call forwarding> Enter the expired Number. 

4. Change the network of your phone
Another simple trick to make your phone unreachable is to change the network preference of your phone. For this all you need to go over settings> more settings> network selection> manual.

Now just wait for 10-15 seconds and your smart phone will show all the available networks, select any network which is not your current network. When you are ready to take the calls again change the settings back to automatic network selection.

5. Use data connection.
If you have a data connection pack then this trick is very helpful for you. Just start downloading as many files as you can from internet using different browsers. This will jam your network and  then your phone will not receive any calls and the caller will receive the tone mobile phone not reachable. Please note, this trick won’t work if you are using internet using Wi-Fi.

6. Keep the phone in steel container
Keep the cell phone in steel container. Closed steel container does not allow the signals to penetrate through it and results in making the phone unreachable.

7. Use tools
You can even use some tools for making your smart phone not reachable. You can buy cell phone signal blocker pouch which jams the signal that are coming to your phone. Whenever you will put your phone in this pouch, it will send unreachable tone. Isn’t it cool?

8. Remove battery
Remove the back cover of the phone in such a manner that its battery is visible. Start dialing any number and without completing the call just remove the battery from the phone. This will lead to a sudden break from the network.

9. Remove sim card
If your phone’s sim card tray is not below the battery then you can just simply remove the sim card and insert it again. Now the phone will not accept the sim card until you restart/ reboot the phone. It will make your smartphone unreachable for that SIM card.

10.  Switch off the phone when not in network
Switch off the phone when you are not in the coverage area. This will keep you out of  reach even if you enter the network.

11. Wrap the phone 
You can even wrap your mobile phone in an aluminium foil. If the mobile signal is weak then it  will make the phone unreachable.

These were some of the simple ways that will help you to make the phone unreachable. Use these tricks to ignore the unwanted calls without letting the caller know that you are ignoring them intentionally. Once you`re ready to use your smartphone get an easy access to your windows apps and data from your smartphone device itself with Xendesktop available at an affordable xendesktop cost from CloudDesktopOnline with add-ons such as Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite and Hosted QuickBooks. The caller will think that there is a network problem.


  1. Thank you for these awesome tips! Like, this guy is very persistent, he keeps calling & calling{it really is too much} I'm going to try the forwarding my phone number trick Thanks so much for your help. I will update with the results.
    Angel Brown

  2. How i make my number unreachable to a specific contact

  3. Replies
    1. Please give me the best callblock app which is say my no is busy

  4. My friend mobile is unavailable.whenever he mobile is unavailable so how to contact to my friend.please tell me sir

  5. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  6. How i make my number unreachable to a specific contact

    1. Go to call forwarding opption and add the no which you want to make unreachable

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  8. Is that tricks really work?