Wednesday 13 December 2017

How to Fix android.process.acore has Stopped Unexpectedly Error

How to  Fix  android.process.acore has Stopped unexpectedly Error
No doubt, Android is one of the most widely used operating systems. The main reason behind android popularity is its speed, security, reliability and user-friendliness. In a recent survey, its found that more than 1.4 billion people across the globe are using android based smartphones.

Despite of having so many advantages and popularity, android is not a completely error free operating system. There are many problems which users face while using an android based smartphone. One of the most common problem is android.process.acore has Stopped unexpectedly.This issue occurs mostly while downloading files from internet or calling someone through phone dialer. 

So in today’s article we are providing some tips on How to Fix android.process.acore has Stopped unexpectedly Error.

Tips to Fix android.process.acore has Stopped unexpectedly Error:

1.Update Android OS:

Firstly, check any latest software update is available for your android phone, to check this, Go to settings and then go update software section of your android phone. If you find any software update available there. Install it.
Most of the times, third party applications installed on your phone cause this issue. So if you update the android software to the latest version, this problem gets resolved automatically.

2.Uninstalling Apps:

Sometimes android users face this problem when they install an application from Google Play store which is not compatible with their phone software. This can create conflict and give  android.process.acore has Stopped error. So if you are facing this type of error after downloading or installing any particular application then uninstall it immediately.

3.Clear Cache of Application:

Most of the times the issue android.process.acore occurs with a particular application. For i.e if you are facing this problem while calling, just go to system apps and then contacts. Once you reach there, just clear the cache and you are done.  

Before clearing cache or data of any application please make sure you have taken the backup of your data.

Following are the detailed steps to Clean Cache of Applications:

1.Go to your phone settings and select application manager or installed apps.
2. Find the application which is causing trouble.
3. Click on the application and then click on clear cache option.
4. After clearing the app data restart your android device.

4.Turn off sync for facebook and clear all the cache:
Disabling the facebook application can also fix android.process.acore has stopped error because facebook application is directly connected with our contact list and sometimes create conflicts. 

Following are the steps to Turn off Sync for Facebook and Clearing Cache:

1.Go to the settings of your android phone and select the account.
2. Select  Facebook and check the checkbox against synchronize contacts to turn off sync.
3. Now inorder to delete the contact of your device. Then Go to your phone settings and select application manager or installed apps.
4. Select contact storage and click on force stop.
5.You can find clear cache and clear data option. Select both of them.
6. Restart your android device.

5. Clear System Partition App:

Sometimes android.process.acore error occurs due to cache on partition system. So when you clear the system partition cache this issue gets resolved automatically. 

Follow the step by step process for clear the cache of the partition app:

1.Turn off your android device.
2. Now hold the volume up+power button+home button at a time hold it for few seconds.
3. The Android System Recovery page will be open.
4. Now use volume up and down key to navigate.
5. Go to wipe cache  partition and use the power button to confirm.

6. Clear Data of Google Play:

To solve the android.process.acore has Stopped unexpectedly error we need to clear the data of Google Play services. After clearing the data from Google Play store and Google play services restart your phone.

7. Reset your Android Device:

If none of the above methods work for you then one last solution for this problem is to reset your android device. Resetting your android phone will clean all the data from your phone memory and resolve the issue. Don’t forget to backup your important data before resetting your device. 

To reset your android phone, check this android phone resetting guide

Hope these 7 tips helped you in solving android.process.acore error. But incase if none of these tips work for you, go to your phone manufacturer. They will help you to resolve the issue by updating the firmware of the device. 


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