Friday 3 April 2015

Samsung's Galaxy A7 vs. Apple's iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy A7 Vs Apple Iphone 6 Plus
Samsung’s Galaxy A7 is finally ready for its debut, and before long it will be popping up in shops across the UK. The Galaxy A7 will be one of the thinnest, sleekest, handsets to hit the market, and Samsung is banking on it to appeal to confirmed iPhone fans and woo them away from the Apple fold. But does the Galaxy A7 have what it takes to best Apple at the smartphone game? We’ve compared and contrasted some of the major features consumers consider when purchasing a new smartphone, so let’s see how the Galaxy A7 and the iPhone 6 Plus measure up.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Build The Galaxy A7 is more compact than the iPhone 6 Plus. At 151 X 76 X 6.3 mm it is shorter, thinner, and slimmer than Apple’s premium phablet. The Galaxy A7 is also approximately 30 grams lighter than the iPhone. Both handsets are clad in metal, and sport a sleek, round edged, design. While the Galaxy A7 is definitely a good looking handset, the iPhone 6 Plus narrowly wins out on here with a sturdier, and heftier, overall build.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Display Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy A7 feature a 5.5 inch, 1080 X 1920, display. While screen size and resolution are the same, the underlying display technology is different. The Galaxy features a Super AMOLED display, while the iPhone continues to feature Apple’s preferred LCD technology. When it comes to the handset’s display, there are no real winners here. Both offer good contrast and rich colours. The Galaxy A7’s Super AMOLED display delivers slightly richer, and brighter, colours than the iPhone, but ultimately it is a matter of personal preference.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Camera Camera comparisons between the two handsets are somewhat problematical. On the one hand, the Galaxy A7 has an impressive 13 megapixel main camera, easily beating the iPhone’s 8 megapixel snapper. However, the A7 lacks the optical image stabilization that is found on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. So, overall, the iPhone takes the lead when it comes to the handset’s main camera. However, the Galaxy A7’s front camera does best the iPhone, and is better suited to selfies.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Power and Processors When it comes to power and processors the Galaxy a7 is a clear winner. Boasting a quad-core Snapdragon 615 processor and 2GB RAM it promises to be faster and more powerful than the iPhone 6 Plus, if only by a small margin. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus features a dual-core Apple 8 processor with 1GB of RAM. So, when it comes to raw horsepower the A7 is the clear winner. Of course, actual day to day performance depends on much more than horsepower, but at least on paper the A7 beats the 6 Plus hands down.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Memory Fans of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus can choose between three different models, each with its own level of memory storage. Depending on price, the iPhone 6 Plus delivers 16, 64, or 128 GB of memory. Those storage capabilities are entirely internal, with no options for expandability. The Galaxy A7, on the other hand, comes stock with 16GB of memory which can be extended to 64GB with a microSD card. While the iPhone offers more storage choices, they do come at a price, and for a budget handset the Galaxy A7 holds its own when it comes to memory capacity.

A7 vs. 6 Plus – Battery Life One of the most important concerns people have when chopping for a smartphone is battery life. The iPhone 6 Plus has a large 2915 mAh battery, delivering up to 24 hours of talk time with an impressive 380 hours of standby. The Galaxy A7 comes with a smaller 2600 mAh battery that makes it difficult to compete with the iPhone’s battery life. Again, it should be remember that the Galaxy A7 is a being marketed as a less expensive alternative to the iPhone 6 Plus, and as such its battery is perfectly suited to a phone in its class.

The Final Tally For a phone in its class, Samsung’s Galaxy A7 definitely ticks all of the right boxes. Is it a definite rival for Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus? Yes and no. The A7 does sport some impressive features, and when it comes to processing power, display, and over all build it can definitely hold its own against the iPhone 6. Still, Apple’s premium handset does best the Galaxy A7 in many areas, but that should be expected for a smartphone that costs £100 to £150 more. When all is said and done, Samsung’s Galaxy A7 is an impressive smartphone for the money, and should appeal to a youth market that can not, or will not, pay extra for the Apple brand.


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