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16 Whatsapp Tricks Collection

WhatsApp Tricks
We have already shared a lot of whatsapp related articles on Geekscab, But due to huge popularity of this instant messaging app, we again come up with another whatsapp related article. This time we are going to share an article on whatsapp tricks. We are including 16 secret whatsapp tricks in this article, i hope you will enjoy this article.

So, Without taking much of your time, Here we go.

1. Hide last seen in whatsapp: If you are a whatsapp addict then you already know that last seen in whatsapp is quite useful feature, But sometimes it troubles a lot. Now with the help of official whatsapp update you can hide last seen in whatsapp without using any other android app.

To hide last seen in whatsapp follow following steps.

i) Download latest whatsapp official update apk from here.

ii) After installation, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

Hide Last Seen Whatsapp

iii) You will find 3 options there Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. You can choose one option among them.

2. Use Whatsapp Without Your Mobile Phone Number: Do you want to use whatsapp but without sharing your mobile phone number. Then here is a way by which you can use whatsapp without your mobile phone number.

i) If you are using whatsapp already on your device, then uninstall it.

ii) Now download and install it again. it will ask to verify your mobile phone number.

iii) Just put your phone on 'flight mode' or 'Change Message Center Number' to block all outgoing messages.

iv) Now it will ask to choose an alternate method to verify your whatsapp. Choose 'Verify through SMS' and give your email address. Click on 'Send' and without waiting even for a second click on 'Cancel'. This will terminate the verification process.

v) Now download Fake Text Message app for android or Fake a Message app for iPhone.

vi) After installation Open the Fake message app and Use the following details.
To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Your email address

vii) Now you can use this number to chat with your friends.

3. Recover Deleted Whatsapp Conversations: You might not know but you can recover deleted whatsapp messages easily. Whatsapp's developers know the importance of your messages and hence they have included a handy feature of backup and recovery in whatsapp.
If you are looking for a way to recover your deleted whatsapp chats then, Read this detailed guide on How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages.

4. Install Whatsapp on PC: Whatsapp is one the most used instant messaging mobile phone app, But still it is not supported on hundreds of mobile phones. If you don't have a whatsapp compatible smartphone then you can read this article on How to install whatsapp on PC, To install and use whatsapp on your computer.

5. Change Your Friend's Whatsapp Profile Picture: You probably not know but you can change your friend's profile picture on whatsapp. One thing to note here is that, this trick will not change your friend's whatsapp profile picture globally instead it will change the profile picture only on your device. But changing your friend's profile picture locally is sufficient to scare him.

So here is the trick to change your friends profile picture on whatsapp:

i) Choose a profile picture for your friend. You can use Google image search to download cute looking monkeys etc.

ii) Re-size the image to 561x561 using adobe Photoshop or any other online photo editing software.

iii) Rename the file to your friend's mobile phone number.

iv) Save the image file in SD Card > Whatsapp > Profile Pictures. And overwrite the old file if required.

v) Now disable WiFi and packet data on your device, So that whatsapp will not automatically update it.

vi) Show it to your friend to prank him.

6. Create a Fake Whatsapp Conversation: Do you want to create fake whatsapp conversation to pull a prank on your friends. You can create fake whatsapp conversation with the help of WhatSaid android app. You can download this cool android app from this link.

7. Hide Your Profile Picture on Whatsapp: if you have privacy concerns and you don't want to share your profile pictures with other whatsapp users. Then whatsapp recently included a privacy feature by which you can hide your whatsapp profile picture for bunch of people.

Here are the steps to hide your profile picture on whatsapp:

i) if you are not using the latest version of whatsapp then download the latest whatsapp official update apk from here.

ii) After installation, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo.

hide profile photo whatsapp

iii) You will find 3 options there Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. You can choose one option among them.

8. Lock Whatsapp With Password: If you don't want to share your personal whatsapp conversations with anyone, Then there is a way by which you can lock whatsapp with password.

To prevent others from reading your whatsapp conversations just download and install APP Locker to protect whatsapp from unauthorized access.

9. Send Multiple Images file in Single image: This is one of the best whatsapp tricks to play pranks with your friends on whatsapp. With this trick you can send a image of hot chic to your friends, and once they will click on the image, the image will change automatically to a monkey's image.

In order to use this trick, You have to download magiapp tricks app for android phone or FhumbApp for iPhone.You can use these apps to hide picture inside pictures.

10. Download Friend's Whatsapp Profile Picture: As you already know that whatsapp doesn't allow us to download friend's profile picture, But there are ways exist by which we can download whatsapp profile picture easily. One way to download whatsapp profile pictures is by taking screenshot of picture. But this involves a lot of efforts to crop the image.

Another easy way to get your friend's profile picture is just visit SD Card > Whatsapp > Profile Pictures. You will find all profile pictures in this folder, The profile pictures are associated with your friend's mobile phone number.

11. Change Phone Number Associated with Whatsapp: Have you bought a new SIM Card recently and want to switch your whatsapp from old number to new number? You can easily change the phone number associated with whatsapp by visiting Settings > Account > Change Number. Now type both your old and new phone number and click on done.

12. Get Whatsapp Chat Notifications on Computer: if you miss most of your whatsapp messages because you spend most of the time with computer then here is a way by which you can get all the whatsapp chat notification on your computer.

For this just download Desktop notification android app on your phone and follow the instructions on the app. This application will forward all your android phone notifications on your computer.

13. Transfer whatsapp Conversations From One Mobile Phone to Another: With the evolution of smartphones people are changing cell phones frequently, If you are the one who have recently changed smartphone and don't want to lose whatsapp conversation, Then there is a way exist by which you can transfer whatsapp conversation from old mobile phone to new mobile phone.

i) if you have installed whatsapp on SD card then remove it and connect to computer.

ii) Just copy all files of Whatsapp > Databases Folder to your computer.

iii) Now install whatsapp on your new mobile phone.

iv) Copy all the files that you have copied on your computer to Whatsapp > Databases folder of your new mobile phone.

v) Restart the app, you will find your old whatsapp conversations on your new mobile phone.

14. Schedule a Message on Whatsapp: This is one of my favorite whatsapp tricks. i have a bad memory, i often forget my friends birthdays and their anniversary, If you are like me then you will surly like this trick. For this trick you need a rooted android phone and an android application named as Whatsapp Seebye Scheduler.

Read this article to know how to root your android phone.

You can download the Whatsapp Seebye Scheduler from this link.

Schedule Whatsapp Messages

The user interface of app is quite clear, Just install the app, type new message and select date and time to schedule the message.

15. Download Facebook Like Whatsapp Chat Heads For Android: If you have used Facebook chat heads app then you already know that chat heads are very useful in order to utilize the efficiency of multi-programming.

Chat heads for whatsapp

You can use chat heads on whatsapp with the help of Whatsapp Heads android application.

16. Track Your Whatsapp Statistics: Are you a whatsapp addict, Want to show your whatsapp addiction in a graphical way to your friends. You can do this with the help of WatStat android app, This app tracks your whatsapp statistics like total online time, number of messages sent and received etc and show them in a graphical way.
Whatsapp Statistics

You can compare those stats with your friends to decide who is more addicted to whatsapp.

17. Install 2 Whatsapp on your Android Phone: You can use 2 different whatsapp account on your dual sim or even on a single sim phone. To know more about this, read this article on how to use 2 whatsapp on dual sim or single sim phone.

So, Here comes the end of article on whatsapp tricks, I hope you would have enjoyed the whatsapp tricks that we have shared in this article. if you have any other trick in mind then don't forget to share it in comment box below.

Any comments or queries on above whatsapp tricks will be greatly appreciated.

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