Friday 5 May 2017

Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Site in 2017

There are 4 major types of software which can be used as e-commerce platform; and today we take an opportunity to discuss about them all in the manner you would feel easier to choose out of them. So let us move on: 
top eCommerce Platform

Platform with open source software: Let us start with Magento which is open source software. This is the kind of software which denotes that there is an open source code which is freely available and which can be redistributed and modified. The biggest advantage of open source software is that it is very reasonable and is not heavy on pockets. Besides flexible shopping card system, control on contents, personalization, etc are other features to chew upon if you are looking for the best eCommerce platform. Its variety and themes of plugins help you design a website in a very short time.
Platform for word press users: If you are checking what is on the shelf and you are a word press user then you have Woo Commerce. This is a plugin and you only need to install it and the word press website of your company displaying all the products and services.  It does give the option of using any type of hosting but for a particular price and one can enjoy the installation into word press for free. You would be surprised to know that Woo Commerce is the most popular one out of all; maybe because most of the websites are in word press format. 
Platform with Hosting: Shopify can be the best eCommerce platform for you if you need hosting for free. It is the only platform which provided hosting for free and if it is the only one, definitely it has the guts to create some difference. But this comes with certain particularities; like it has higher costs, the themes for the website are little limited so you can’t always customize the website to the extent you want, plugins which are used to customize the website are also not available in  much quantity. Even then t enjoys over 200, 000 merchants.
Platform with large number of plugins: As we discussed in the previous point that we need plugins to add features in the website we own and bring as much as customization we want. This is too a considerable feature if you are a creative businessperson and want to keep making changes in the website. This feature in OpenCart helps if you are fond of customization and love newness in the presentation of your products and services.
The factor of ease: As far as ease is concerned Magento is quite easy to install, WooCommerce can also be installed in a minute or so. If we talk about Shopify, it is highly user-friendly and is conveniently used by the SEO also. OpenCart, as is known for customization; it is understood that ease is definitely a part of it as it gives the opportunity of making changes to the users.
Controlling the content: As we also discussed when we discussed about open source software of Magento that it has total control over contents, personalization and other related things; besides it is also flexible and scalable. Scalability is a feature that ensures the handling of the work with its gradual growth. Here the capability of controlling helps a lot.
Payment gateways: Magento offers over 100 gateways for payment. Gateway is used for connecting two computers with different network so that they can communicate with each other. It translates information from different computers with different systems. Flexibility, saving of time, troubleshooting and security are other advantages. Woo Commerce has a very strong support system and offers 24/7 customer service. Shopify also offers 70 payment gateways and is available all the time for its customers. Gateways can also be used to give or restrict desired users from some privileges.
Challenges: There are some challenges also. For example, there are errors in paid plugins especially when some kind of update is made. Some software may miss on good functionalities as others for some other advantages. In some software some plugins are either limited or expensive. Some have higher transaction fees on the one hand and some have the strict need of a programmer.

After looking at the technicalities of all the available software, we believe that pros and cons are always there. There are 2 sides of a coin. These are some sayings to explain that there are both positive and negative sides of a particular aspect. And one needs to know them well in order to tackle them properly and the best eCommerce platform. So, in the mission to choose the best eCommerce platform we must take a look at all the available options and then decide sagaciously. 


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